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Each day, tens of millions of men and women around the world strive to build the institutions that create economic freedom.

Their immediate goals may seem modest - creating a property registry to help local entrepreneurs gain access to credit, ensuring that government processes are transparent and open, improving key laws and regulations.  But over time, their accomplishments - measured in economic growth, democratic reforms, and increases in living standards - can be transformative.  Everyone benefits when societies are peaceful, stable, and productive.

Since 1983, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has stood side-by-side with independent organizations worldwide seeking economic freedom.  We have partnered with these organizatons, sharing best practices, providing guidance and funding, and helping them define their vision and find their voice.

Never has the everyday work that CIPE performs been more vital. In countries around the world, citizens are turning to democratic and free market reform as a way to establish the fundamental conditions for freedom and prosperity.  Your investment in CIPE will help us rise to this challenge, giving us the opportunity to build on our experience in ways that are more comprehensive, strategic, and powerful.


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