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The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) strengthens democracy around the globe through private enterprise and market-oriented reform. CIPE is one of the four core institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy and an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Since 1983, CIPE has worked with business leaders, policymakers, and civil society to build the institutions vital to a democratic society. CIPE’s key program areas include enterprise ecosystems, democratic governance, business advocacy, and anti-corruption and ethics.

CIPE delivers extensive experience and tools from three decades of engagement in democratic and market reforms. Its seasoned experts produce real world results through the implementation of workable, cost-effective, business-led solutions to complex policy and governance issues. Working with the private sector provides CIPE with a unique perspective for developing solutions to democratic and economic challenges. CIPE’s on-the-ground expertise and innovative partnerships generate “policy laboratories” that yield tools and approaches that are models in the development field.

CIPE implements programs across four areas of focus: Enterprise Ecosystems, Business Advocacy, Democratic Governance, and Anti-Corruption & Ethics. These programs build the foundations of democratic, market-oriented systems and create opportunities for citizens from many walks of life.

Enterprise Ecosystems

Building the institutions of a market economy means reducing barriers to doing business and promoting an inclusive entrepreneurial culture that provides opportunities for all citizens. By prioritizing the development of enterprise ecosystems, CIPE works to establish a level playing field for entrepreneurs. Through its inclusive approach to entrepreneurship and policy engagement, CIPE helps ensure that democracy and the market economy are accessible to all segments of society.

Democratic Governance

Democratic governance—giving citizens a say in how decisions are made—is fundamental to ensuring that democracy delivers for all of society. Strong democratic governance is characterized by transparency and accountability in both the public and private sectors. An open, participatory governance process responds to citizen and business needs, resulting in better and fairer government policies. To this end, CIPE’s democratic governance programs promote open, informed public decision-making and principled corporate governance.

Business Advocacy

CIPE works to empower the private sector to actively participate in the democratic process through partnerships with local business associations, chambers of commerce, and think tanks. CIPE programs equip these partners to advocate for economic reform and engage in policy dialogue with the government. Advocacy tools such as coalition building, grassroots outreach, and the national business agenda process give a voice to a wide range of private sector needs and help to encourage strong, inclusive economic growth while bolstering democracy.

Anti-Corruption and Ethics

Systemic corruption erodes the legitimacy of laws and political leadership and makes a flourishing economy impossible. CIPE and its partners combat corruption by improving integrity standards, advocating policies that limit opportunities for corruption, and designing institutional reforms that level the playing field. CIPE helps the business community take collective action both in the public arena, by advancing public sector reform and transparency in government, and in the private sector, by strengthening compliance standards for companies.

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