A Resource Handbook for Economic and Business Journalists in Pakistan

Over the past four years, Pakistan has sustained an average economic growth rate of 7%, making it one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. The country’s growing emphasis on economic liberalization and privatization has highlighted a need to expand the scope and quality of information available to both decision-makers and the public.

The media has the responsibility, as well as the opportunity, to provide society with objective, accurate, and timely information and thorough analysis of economic trends and events. Today, there is a growing demand in Pakistan for journalists with knowledge in the fi elds of economics and fi nance to interpret economic information and present its implications to the public through various media outlets.

Economic and fi nancial reports, particularly in terms of print media, generally focus on describing specifi c events without providing the background and analysis necessary for the public to understand the potential effects of new positions or policies. Incomprehensible jargon is regularly used in news reports without an explanation of the context and meaning of such words, thereby alienating ordinary readers or viewers by catering – intentionally or otherwise – to those already involved in business and finance.

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has partnered with the Pakistan Press Foundation to leverage its expertise in this area and deliver need-based journalist training through an ongoing series of workshops in cities throughout Pakistan. These training sessions will provide those in the media with additional information and skills to engage in substantive policy debates and work effectively with government and the business and fi nancial communities.

In the course of designing these training sessions, CIPE discovered a need for a resource guide and glossary of economic and business terminology with local content and references. This resource guide, created by CIPE and vetted by the Chartered Financial Analyst’s Association of Pakistan for its technical content, will assist media professionals in understanding how to present complex economic material at a level that is clear to all audiences. CIPE acknowledges the support provided by Mr. Kamal Siddiqui, a senior economic journalist, who reviewed the publication and provided input for editorial improvements.

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