International Youth Day 2015

Bahaa Eddin Al Dahoudi, Hiba Safi, Huma Sattar, Lawrence Yealue, Inclusive, participatory democracies thrive when all citizens, including youth, are engaged. Communities benefit when young people play an active role in the economy and the policymaking process. When youth are active stakeholders, societies become more democratic because governments and markets become more accountable to their citizens. Read more…

Strategies for Policy Reform Volume 3

Kim Bettcher, Teodora Mihaylova, Julie Johnson, Case Studies in Achieving Democracy That Delivers Through Better Governance Major global trends are changing the way we approach international assistance and policy reform. Private sector-led growth has produced enormous opportunities, even as market freedom and access to opportunity remain uneven. Political upheaval has raised hopes for democratic freedoms, yet freedom too often is undermined by poor governance. Read more…

South Asia

Afghanistan – CIPE Program Officer for Afghanistan Gregg Willhauck travelled to Afghanistan this week to meet with various stakeholders. Willhauck met with U.S. Embassy and USAID representatives to discuss CIPE’s upcoming program of Provincial Business Agendas to be conducted in three provinces.

South Asia Weekly Updates

Pakistan - CIPE conducted two events to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week. One event was a focus group, “How Chambers can Promote Entrepreneurship,” which was conducted in collaboration with Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The second event was a youth private sector leaders' conference on the topic of “How Corruption Hampers Entrepreneurship,” held in partnership with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

South Asia Weekly Updates


Afghanistan - CIPE Program Officer Gregg Willhauck and Director of the Business Integrity Network (BINA) Haroon Mir convened a focus group in Kabul to launch a new program on business transparency and integrity. Mir presented the participants with information about the mission and objectives of BINA, and sought feedback about the initiative. Willhauck presented on the experience and impact of similar initiatives worldwide.

Corporate Governance in Family-Owned Companies in Pakistan

Moin Fudda, Family-owned firms face a unique set of challenges that are rooted in an organizational structure that prevents these enterprises from attracting and retaining high quality human capital, obtaining lower cost debt and equity capital, and ensuring long term competitiveness and sustainability. The recent growth in family-owned enterprises, which are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, has created a demand for tools will help these companies be more competitive. Read more…

South Asia Weekly Updates


Afghanistan - CIPE Afghanistan staff Mohammad Naim and Matiullah Murad met in Herat with Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Herat Chairman Saad Khateebi and ACCI Herat CEO Khalil Ahmad Yarmand, and the heads of a number of local sectoral associations, to discuss the Provincial Business Agenda (PBA) for Herat Province. The heads of these associations and key business leaders have been invited to form a coalition to provide the private sector with viable local solutions to policy challenges.

Multiregional Weekly Updates


CIPE partner publishes dynamic electoral platform comparison tool in Tunisia; CIPE partner holds event to support women entrepreneurs in Nicaragua; CIPE facilitates anti-corruption compliance meetings and training sessions with businesses in Pakistan;

South Asia Weekly Updates



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