Areas of Expertise

Democratic Governance: CIPE works to create and strengthen institutions of accountability, increase public participation in government, reform government agencies, and strengthen judicial systems.

Access to Information: CIPE works with local partners to achieve greater transparency in government, an unrestricted voice for reformers, and a greater public understanding of democratic, market-oriented principles.

Combating Corruption: CIPE seeks to reform ambiguous legal systems, implement standards for government agencies, make a link between cultural norms and rule of law, and improve governance mechanisms.

Business Association Development: CIPE supports freedom of association and grassroots participation of private sector organizations by providing executive management courses and educational materials, assistance on advocacy strategies and organization governance, and support for market-oriented member services.

Corporate Governance: CIPE works to build systems of corporate governance, without which neither markets nor democratic governance can prosper. CIPE initiates and supports programs to reform laws and institutions, build support for business ethics, and raise public awareness of the need for effective corporate governance practices.

Legal and Regulatory Reform: CIPE’s National Business Agenda approach encourages the private sector to identify laws and regulations that hinder business activity and offers recommendations to remove barriers and improve the climate for entrepreneurship.

Women: CIPE works to remove institutional and cultural barriers to women’s participation in society. We view women’s empowerment through the prism of building linkages between educational, political, civic, and economic empowerment, where civil society organizations – especially women’s business associations – become a leading force to remove barriers and empower women to shape the future of their own countries. 

Youth: CIPE focuses on building skills through entrepreneurship and management programs and supporting associations that provide networking, services, and forums for young leaders.

Informal Sector and Property Rights: CIPE and its partners bridge the gap between the informal sector and the formal economy by supporting the democratic voice and participation of the informal sector, reforming business registration procedures, and strengthening private property rights.

Corporate Citizenship (CSR): At CIPE, corporate citizenship means more than just supporting charitable causes in communities where a company operates. As corporations develop global supply chains that extend deeper into countries with less developed political and economic institutions, many have experienced first-hand the problems that endemic corruption, lack of respect for the rule of law, and weak or non-existent property rights can have on foreign and domestic businesses alike.

Entrepreneurship: CIPE's entrepreneurship programs focus on building entrepreneurship ecosystems -- the networks of institutions, supports, and cultural attitudes that allow entrepreneurs to prosper and become participants in a thriving democracy.


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