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CIPE executive director and Board member both recognized by Ethisphere Institute as one of 2014’s 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics; CIPE supported program yields tax code amendments in Albania; Thai anti-corruption coalition now numbers 400 member companies.

Washington, DC - CIPE Executive Director John Sullivan and Board member Michael Hershman have both been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute, the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices, as one of 2014’s 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics. The award recognizes individuals who have made a material impact in the world of business ethics and compliance. Read the full list of 100 and CIPE’s news release.

Albania - The Parliamentary Committee on Finance and the Economy approved three amendments to the current tax code, thanks in part to a CIPE-supported advocacy campaign carried out by the National Business Forum, which consists of 12 leading business associations and chambers of commerce in Albania. The changes to the tax code include: shortening the legal deadline for decisions on tax appeals from 90 to 60 days; allowing a stay on paying fines until an appeal can be adjudicated; and mandating that all tax-related court decisions be published. These amendments will improve the business climate by clarifying tax procedures and injecting greater transparency into the taxation process.

Thailand - The Collective Action Against Corruption Coalition now has 400 member companies. Led by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD), CIPE’s anti-corruption partner in Thailand, these are companies that voluntarily commit to uphold the highest standards of anti-corruption compliance (and to undergo external verification that they are actually upholding these standards). Membership growth will likely quicken now that the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced new disclosure requirements for public companies in Thailand concerning anti-bribery controls. IOD worked closely with the SEC in the design of these new disclosure requirements, which require that leading Thai companies have explicit compliance protocols aimed at reducing bribery on the part of their employees and agents. This is the first policy of its kind in Southeast Asia.


Korea - CIPE Executive Director John Sullivan attended the 2014 International Forum on “Empowering Community of Democracies” in Seoul. In preparation for the Community of Democracies’ eighth Ministerial Conference in 2015, civil society representatives met to discuss and evaluate the work of the Community. Sullivan gave two presentations: on “Transparency” and the “Experience of Democracy Assistance Foundations,” in which he addressed urgent and emerging challenges regarding transparency in Asia as well as how CIPE is responding to these challenges.

Italy - CIPE Director of Multiregional Programs Anna Nadgrodkiewicz attended “Employers’ Organizations and Women Entrepreneurs: How to Reach Out?,” a conference organized by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization in Turin. She presented CIPE programs around the world focused on building the capacity of chambers of commerce and business associations to organize and represent women entrepreneurs effectively.

Serbia - The Association of Business Women in Serbia completed workshops on business development in Valjevo, Subotica, and Zajecar for female university students and women entrepreneurs with newly established firms. This program is part of CIPE’s effort to foster women’s entrepreneurship through mentorships in Nicaragua and Serbia.

Washington, DC - CIPE Director of Multiregional Programs Anna Nadgrodkiewicz and Value Chain Leader Frank Brown were featured in an article by Devex Impact, How NGOs can help business fight corruption in emerging economies. The article also highlighted CIPE’s recent guidebook, Anti-Corruption Compliance: A Guide for Mid-Sized Companies in Emerging Markets, as a tool to help companies protect themselves against corruption.

Washington, DC - CIPE announced the 2014 Global Editorial Cartoon Competition Winners: Democracy category winner Wissam Assaad of Syria; Corruption category winner Giancarlo Gil from El Salvador; and Transparency category winner Taufan Hidayatullah from Indonesia. The competition, which provided a venue for artists from around the world to offer a personal interpretation of challenges faced by citizens, received more than 350 entries from 67 countries. The winning cartoons are viewable on Flickr (

Washington, Dc - Knowledge Management organized the first-ever CIPE Innovation Fair, where representatives from eight initiatives set up booths to familiarize staff with their activities. Representatives presented from the women entrepreneurs’ group, the CIPE library, the conflict group, association advocacy, tech for democracy, compliance in value chains, entrepreneurship ecosystems, and staff professional development. Staff engaged with each group and provided new ideas on how to improve or expand the initiatives. The winning group was Conflict, which received the most staff votes.

Washington, DC - On the CIPE Development Blog, Director of Multiregional Programs Anna Nadgrodkiewicz reflects on ITCILO’s conference, “Employers’ Organizations and Women Entrepreneurs: How to Reach Out?” and the strides made by women entrepreneurs around the world (; James Stricker, CIPE Middle East and North Africa intern, highlights the role CIPE partner the Syrian Economic Forum has taken in reporting, informing, and educating Syrian refugees (; Program Officer for Latin America & the Caribbean Brent Ruth addresses the realities of Nicaragua’s gender gap (; Senior Program Officer for CIPE Pakistan Emad Sohail inspires university graduates in Pakistan to become job creators rather than job seekers (; Program Officer for the Middle East & North Africa Stephen Rosenlund illustrates how entrepreneurship cafés can replace traditional roundtable-style workshops to bring a greater flow of ideas, candor, and creativity to Lebanon’s entrepreneurship ecosystem (; and Research Coordinator Teodora Mihaylova provides a summary of CIPE Women’s Hangout on Leadership and Advocacy: Advancing Women’s Economic Empowerment Globally (



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